Warri is a city in Nigeria that has a difficult financial trajectory as the biggest job providers in the area, the oil companies, left due to an insecure business environment. This left behind a big job problem that threw society into a very deep financial and social crisis. People can be amazing and seek opportunity in the toughest environments, this was also the case, as a courageous young entrepreneur is trying to rebuild the value system and give a chance to the people to regain financial stability. He contacted us for the following project.


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The name of the business is Powered People and was already chosen by our client. We made some explorations around naming but the client kept falling back on his first choice. Powered People is an educational programme that has, as main focus, providing IT education for the young people of Warri. On the human resource base created this way, he’ll create an IT platform that can provide high-quality services for companies all over the world. The project is very complex, as IT is just the starting point of an alternative education programme that will engage other areas of expertise as time passes and the project develops.


The project aims to empower young people of Warri and push them to discover their own potential so that they can face the future with a wider perspective. As the project has a big social component, it was obvious from the start that there were few patterns we could follow. The target market is divided between the young people of Warri, that need to identify with the brand and its messages and the businesses that need specialised IT services from the brand.


As the whole project will end up developing into a business, we have to focus our efforts on creating an identity that has the capacity to create communication with both the human resource and the business environment. The first step will be developing a human resource base and create the educational system to make this development possible. The first challenge was to get young people acquainted with the brand. On the next big development step, we’ll bring the brand to the attention of companies around the world that require IT services and build a business platform around this model.


The environment is tough, both from a social and financial perspective. As a developing society, with few financial resources, the struggles of young people revolve around finding easy ways to make money and entertain themselves. There is not much to build on when it comes to working education practices or alternative education programmes. We had to bring the concept closer to our market.


The core idea was building a brand that can easily relate to young people and own up to their environment and expectations. The product, IT as a whole, in this case, should be portrayed as a new and exciting environment, that provides both opportunity and challenges. It is very important that the brand positions itself amongst the top learning programmes of its kind in Nigeria, whilst it doesn’t shut down access to anyone determined enough to change and grow. Actually, this also became the brand’s motto: Building through change! We’ll bring common perceptions about colour and dynamics to the visual identity, bringing a rockstar feel to the brand. Also, practice protocols will be implemented, to make sure that the concept doesn’t dilute the importance of actual learning and working activity.

The brand Powered People came to life when Florin and the Blackboard team worked on it. Their level of creativity is outstanding. What I liked the most, is their total commitment to excellence and beauty of whatever they work on.

Edirin Atumah - CEO - - Powered People

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