Nonesuch is a small studio providing web-design, UI/UX, front-end development and SEO services.

It’s the place where everything is done with one core belief: every interface, every website has a purpose and the design should fulfill that purpose. They are very strategic in their process and produce work based on objective business goals and not merely on simple aesthetics.


Logo design



The brainstorming sessions started with the very significance of the name. Nonesuch is a word describing a matchless thing, something outstanding, a paragon. A lot of exploration was involved, sketching various symbols, typographic solutions or geometrical arrangements.


The chosen concept is based on simplicity and the use of negative space. The two polygonal shapes come together, creating in the negative space the N and S shapes. This idea comes perfectly with one of their visions: Nonesuch does not have merely clients, rather it’s trying to create a community of entrepreneurs, and grow alongside them, a space for people that don’t take no for an answer.


The logotype is a customized solution, having Code Pro Bold typeface as a starting point. Its tall cap-height and geometrical construction made it perfect for our logomark, but it needed refinement in several areas, like the N apex-es, H and E horizontal stems and C/S openings in order to be a perfect fit.


The chosen typeface was Proxima Nova – strong and simple, with geometric construction but also containing modern proportions. The two chosen weights work in perfect harmony with the logotype, the bold version being used for headings and the regular version for larger chunks of text. A grayscale palette was also selected and a pattern was built from the logo shape.