Magently is a team of talented programmers and managers with a vast experience in business and programming. They provide development services and are specialised in Magento, a well-known e-commerce platform.

The main two differentiators and focus points identified were their vast experience and understanding of the e-commerce businesses.


Logo design


The name was made up by joining the name of the platform they specialise in – Magento with the adverb “gently”, as a promise for a smooth process and a successful outcome of any project.

Since this is one of the strongest brand signals I went on and tested different integrations of the M within different shapes or other metaphors like the feather or arrow. In order to further convey the connection between this brand and its services, the hexagonal shape was kept in mind from the beginning.


The road metaphor aims to portray the way business is done at Magently.

The M integrated into the outlined hexagon perfectly embodies the very process they go through when tackling projects. The guys know what works and what doesn’t in the e-commerce world, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible web solution for their specific need.

A road is depicted through the curved line that starts at the hexagon’s lower left corner and goes up to the top right, symbolising growth and standing as a statement for the value the team is bringing into the business, providing much more than a web solution.

From the very beginning of work on the new Magently logo, Florin has shown great care and inquisitiveness, which are the traits of excellent designers. Florin uses a precise and structured creative process, he’s also very friendly and candid – this makes cooperation with him both professional and fun.

Leszek Zawadzki - CEO - Magently


An early requirement was to create from scratch the logotype accompanying the mark.

Considering our symbol, the natural choice was a sans-serif type with geometrical construction, wide format and rather bold.

The M, N, A apex-es (top/bottom joints of the lines that construct the letter) were tapered also to create a unified look with the sharp corners found in the symbol, also adding a bit of elegance to the overall feeling.