La Foule Patisserie is a French themed pastry shop based in the city of Oradea, it is a small business with great aspirations. Business wise it divides in two type of services, a small pastry shop and the custom pastry activity focused on special events.


Logo design
Visual Identity
Packaging directions


Most of the competitors were focused on one side of the business, it was either a street pastry shop or a tailored pastry service. Overall we had a strong and powerful competition in the street food sector and a different, but just as strong one in the tailored services department.


Just like the duality of the business, the customer base was divided in 2 main categories:

I. The street food customers

II. The special events customers

Like you can imagine, it is very difficult to find a common ground between the two and it was a big challenge to keep the high-standard event image and, at the same time, keep the accessible and easy-going characteristics of the pastry shop.


Addressing such a wide audience is more challenging than a niche because, despite what you might think, a general audience is very resistant and with a large relevance spectrum. As far as communication we had to change it all for the better, but visually we had to keep some connection to the original image.


First of all, we weren’t building a new brand, we were rebranding a business. The name was French and the business started with French pastry products and with a declared focus on these type of products. It had value, but we didn’t want to turn that against us, so we made a milder attempt to include the French inspiration into the solution.

A well-knit team, where uniqueness and originality are decisive factors, in a world where it is hard to assert itself as genuine. The story behind our business has played an important role in identifying marketing strategies.

Cristina Pantea - CEO - La Foule Patisserie

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