Industrial Puppy is an e-commerce based business that focuses on the sale of high-quality, affordable harnesses for working dogs. As the business was growing, the need for a defined identity became more and more obvious.

Their main focus is providing high-quality products that aid the relationship development between the dog and the handler. Tangible and intangible brand attributes were to be highlighted by developing the fresh identity.


Logo redesign
Strategy and repositioning
Tagline creation
Color exploration


When developing the concept we knew we had to find the thing that united the product and the customer. We went back step by step to find the meaning behind the dog-handler relationship. The emotional connection had to translate somehow into the physical realm, we just had to find out how.

The harness was the answer, the bond between the handler and the dog at all time.

It was the only thing that translated and protected the handler in the fragile relationship with the outside world. “Stronger bonds” means safety, courage and healing.



Even though quite a few viable directions were found, we did not want to strain away too much from the initial image, with which the consumer base was already accustomed to. The cog was a good identifier for the brand so we went on that route.

I didn’t know how much I love building brands until I worked with Florin. He breathed life into our old logo and became a partner who sat down with me to ask the important questions — who are you? What does your company stand for? The answers to those questions were always in the back of my mind, but Florin helped to pull them out to give them clarity, structure, and color.

Lisa Harrington - CEO - Industrial Puppy


The main brand typefaces, Gotham Narrow Black and Gotham Medium were chosen for their simplicity and ability to perform very well at small sizes (we will need to put the logo onto the actual harnesses on a pretty small rubber tag.)

The main brand color is dark navy with a strong complementary color – a powerful shade of red.

Using the logomark’s height as a starting point, we created a grid for the layout of the overall logo and additional elements, years and tagline. A few variations were created for smaller sizes also.