Describing the brand as a ski shop would not do it justice. Free Yeti is about much more, it’s about freedom and passion for winter sports, about experience and about friendship. Over the years it has gathered a big community around it and became one of the main references when it came to reliable new and second-hand ski equipment.

The name was amazing, the community and customers were great, the client service was clockwork efficient, all it really needed was a logo and a way to expand communication over new mediums. This is where we came in.   


Logo design


The old logo had obvious issues with visibility, balance, logotype choice and many other technical problems. From branding communication standpoint, the logo had also a lot of flaws that made creating context really difficult.  The community had to relate to the brand’s values and connect with the brand.

We kept in mind the fact that the potential market was constantly young, so we had to engage them as much as we engaged the existing customer base.


The footprint solution found in the initial logo was the road we took also, as we did not want to move too far away from the audience perception. We added a new layer though, alongside the adventurous one – a protective shield shape to stand as a promise of the quality of the products the brand sells, even if they are refurbished, thus letting the client enjoy the ride, but keeping them safe at the same time.


The logotype is a custom solution. Its bold and rounded shapes complement the logomark perfectly and further emphasize the dynamic but friendly approach of the brand.


Considering our brand attributes, red came in as a natural solution. Free Yeti is all about passion and high intensity so we have to say this with color also. In addition to it, the secondary color, blue, is one that transmits safety and trust, things that we need also considering the products the brand is selling.

Testimonial Calin

Calin Sanislav FreeYeti