BACKGROUND is a platform that helps patients find the right doctor for their needs and helps doctors get new, qualified patients; The platform basically saves time and heartache for its users when searching for a good doctor and removes all the hustle of calling, booking – everything is just one click away.

Trustworthy, helpful, innovative, amazing, were a few descriptive adjectives given for the brand and the emotional benefits the customers gain when interacting with the brand are confidence, relief and convenience. The one word that people could associate with the brand is effortless.


Logo design
Color exploration


Since we are talking about a redesign, updates have to be made in the areas where the communication style has changed, while keeping intact the values and core identity. The previous logo design featured a hand icon over a cross, and even though other explorations have been conducted, we knew that this was the natural brand progression.


The main typeface was set in Prelo, and Droid serif was selected to work as a supporting typeface due to its ability to create a good visual contrast to the main font but share some common characteristics.

The colour palette selected uses different turquoise hues, ranging from very light to very dark combined with a light and energetic yellow and a darker, desaturated shade of purple. Blue is widely used in the medical field, due to its calming effect. Turquoise, being a combination of blue and green inherits the characteristics of both colours and transmits feelings of safety, calm, peace.