This is an article explaining a little bit of the process we go through when developing a re-branding project.


First meetings are important because of the huge amount of information that we exchange, we understand what the expectations are, what are the goals of the rebranding process and all the little details about timeframes and delivery schedule.


The second stage is presenting our conclusions to the client, usually these meetings are challenging for both us and the client because most of the business’ problems come up. It is very difficult to talk about their flaws, about what they do wrong and about how people actually see the business. Most of the times this is the reality check for our clients and it turns out to be revealing and extremely rewarding for the rebranding process. People get on board easily once they understand what is wrong, and that finding solutions is a matter of shifting perspective.


And now we get to the deep end of the process, through all the little details of the business, both functional and personal. We listen to the reasons why the business started, all the emotions involved, it’s purpose and challenges, we want to know everything!


The reason why this is so important is simple: How could we ever get through the rebranding of a business if we don’t fully understand its reasons, if we don’t understand the entrepreneurs or the full depth of the market? You might think that business is about numbers, but it’s not, business is about people and the way they create environments to build alongside other people.


We strongly believe that we must build brands that communicate with the client, but at the same time are endorsed by the entrepreneurs or owners. Why? Simply because on the long terms you have a higher chance of performing well if you do something you truly believe in. Our solutions are not solely about request and offer, markets and sales, they are about entrepreneurs, brands and their values functioning together like a well oiled machine.


To make it simple, we believe business is about people.

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