Quantity or quality? Never ending debate.

It is a common practice to preach about the quality over the quantity, even if most of the time the reign of one over the other is doubtful, to say the least. We are talking about marketing and business and I would be a fool or a liar to say that quality must not prevail. But we have to admit that there is no absolute truth about the topic. Sometimes quantity overtakes quality because let’s face it, there is a lot of power in numbers.

There is always a debate about the number of commercial messages in marketing and the fact that many marketing books suggest repetition and overexposure as a solution. Usually, this involves bigger budgets and this might be an issue for starting businesses.

What can you do if you don’t have the money, but you want the honey?

Fortunately, social media platforms offer you an environment to talk to your audience whilst controlling budgets and efficiency.

The “what” is your commercial message, the things that people must know about your product so that they decide to buy it. “What” is everything that your service promises, the benefits it brings, its tangible and intangible properties.

The consumers split their attention between different environments and they adjust instinctively to each. From a bus on the way to work, a taxi back from a party, on their Facebook pages or on Instagram, each medium has its own specifics and relevance. These are different instances and should be handled accordingly. We adapt to every environment unconsciously and we are prepared to receive a different message on a crowded bus than on our Facebook pages.

Shouldn’t every business approach people by taking into consideration this fact?

Most social media platforms give you the opportunity to target specific audiences with amazing accuracy, but you still have to make platform specific content. As far as marketing goes you must be sure that you can provide the right type of message for every particular environment.

“Where” is definetely more important than “what” because the most brilliant message is useless if the setup doesn’t adjust to the audience’s expectations. If messages are adapted to the customer’s state of mind or attention span their chance of reaching the target grow exponentially. Certain environments create mindsets that can be exploited by well targeted commercial campaigns.

You must create the “perfect storm” and mix a good message with great delivery. Understand your audience, their lives, the environments they express themselves in and try to interact with them there. Don’t fire randomly and please, please, when it comes to marketing and communication, never “hope for the best”, do your best.

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